Donald Trump to the Democrats’ Rescue

Source: RealClearPolitics
by Froma Harrop

“Donald Trump will not go away. Not quietly. Not at all. For that, Democrats should send him roses. Things were looking dim for them. Even the Jan. 6 outrage at the Capitol, downplayed by the Republican leadership, failed to nauseate enough voters to send the GOP’s poll numbers south. For a while, the toxic Trump was fading into the past. Many Americans, meanwhile, were not taking seriously the attempt to rig past and future elections, though they should have. At the same time, Democratic leaders proved themselves short on charm. … It would appear that banning abortion and demonizing law enforcement is not the path to the electorate’s heart. Some Republican candidates — Adam Laxalt in Nevada and Ted Budd in North Carolina, for example — are now downplaying their Trump endorsements. Others are fudging previous stances against abortion.” (09/06/22)