The Long Unraveling of the Republican Party

Source: The Atlantic
by Kim Phillips-Fein

“In 1992, pat buchanan made a campaign stop at the San Diego–Tijuana border. As a few white-power activists who had tagged along milled in the background, he called for the United States to build a wall—a 200-mile-long physical boundary between the U.S. and Mexico. At the time, Buchanan was seeking the Republican nomination for the presidency, the first of two consecutive efforts that were rebuffed by party voters and leaders alike. Buchanan and his politics seemed to be on the verge of being drummed out of the GOP altogether. … Three decades later, Buchanan’s ideas may still seem fringe, but they are no longer marginal. … Not all that long ago, the GOP was the party of Big Business, free markets, ‘traditional’ family values, and anti-communism. Now it has become the party of election denial and the Wall.” (09/06/22)