Little Green Mining Hood or the Big Bad Wolf: Musk’s Sustainability Play

by Reuben Jackson

“Two things we can assert about [Elon] Musk. First, he truly believes in the importance of green, renewable energy for the future of the planet; hence spearheading the electric car and solar panel markets. … The second thing about Musk is that he is a builder. All his current operations are churning out tangible products, whether cars, rockets, or wall batteries; he knows his way around hardware. So if we attempt to put all the pieces of the last two weeks together, wouldn’t it be reasonable to assume that Musk is actually planning to introduce a Tesla mining solution? He has the knowledge and resources, and now after single-handedly creating a crisis-need in the crypto market for a sustainable solution for mining, coming up with one will position him as the savior.” (05/27/21)