“We’re ready to strike”: UPS workers, Teamsters prepare for contract fight

Source: The Guardian [UK]

“In the new union contract, [Rob] Becker and other workers have been pushing for better overtime protections, an elimination of a second tier of delivery drivers who are paid less and provided with less protections for doing the same work, better pay for part-time employees and heat protection. UPS workers and the Teamsters have signaled preparations to strike to win these demands in the next union contract. ‘We are ready to strike 100%. It’s obviously a weapon of last resort,’ said Becker. In August, Teamsters International launched the contract fight at UPS, as the union leadership newly elected in 2021 has signaled an end to accepting concessions in union contracts with UPS. … UPS cut hourly pay for many part-time workers earlier this year, as the company reported record profits of nearly $13bn in 2021.” (09/05/22)