The Perils of “Minority Rule”

Source: Common Dreams
by Steven Hill

“Much attention has been focused on Senator Joe Manchin’s stubborn defense of the filibuster even as Republicans race forward with new outrages of voter suppression in numerous states. But beneath the headlines lurks deeper, more troubling (and harder to fix) dilemmas of a broken and antiquated US democracy. Majority rule, the notion that a constituency with more than half the popular support should be able to decide policy (and should not be dominated by a group that has less than half support) is one of the bedrock principles of representative government. Alexander Hamilton in Federalist 22 said a fundamental maxim of democratic government required ‘that the sense of the majority should prevail.'” [editor’s note: I just hate it when “progressive” pundits abandon the need for consensual policymaking, and join the mob-rule side (but only when Blue shirts are the “majority”) – SAT] (07/16/21)