Cable News Runs The Country

Source: Town Hall
by Derek Hunter

“It’s a horrifying thought, but it’s true: cable news is in control of both political parties, and therefore the whole country. Think about it: how many people running for office right now are products of cable news, meaning they are people who, were it not for their appearances on whatever cable network corresponds with their political ideology, you likely never would have heard of? I’m betting it’s a lot of them, if not all. I want to be delicate here. I know everyone has their favorite networks and shows, but do you really want a country ruled by people chosen by the people who book those shows? Would anyone outside of Florida know who Nikki Fried is, were it not for MSNBC propping her up as some sort of serious challenge to Governor Ron DeSantis? She’s the Agriculture Commissioner, for crying out loud.” (07/18/21)