Emerging Realities of a Post-COVID World

Source: American Consequences
by “CRO X”

“(CRO X is the Chief Risk Officer for a large, well-known, ‘globally systemic’ financial institution. That’s regulator speak for ‘darn big and important.’ He’s requested to write under anonymity for American Consequences so he can freely speak his mind without undue retribution.) As the impact of COVID-19 starts to move from the forefront of the global agenda to a hopefully permanent place in the rearview mirror, I find myself considering the question: what next? How has this humanitarian crisis challenged and changed our political, economic, societal, and technological worlds, and what are the implications for all of us as we look to the future? COVID-19 will be a catalyst for many paradigm shifts that affect the evolution of our societal and financial ecosystems. But, while it will act as the catalyst, many of these trends were well underway.” (07/16/21)