The For [sic] the People Act Isn’t Dead

Source: In These Times
by Mahnoor Imran & Adam Eichen

“The pundits are saying that the For the People Act (FTPA, the Democrats’ historic voting rights and anti-corruption bill) is dead. It’s not, but perhaps it’s easier to craft a narrative around the futility of legislative efforts than to fairly chronicle a necessary but uphill battle. On the morning of June 22, ahead of the Senate vote to move to debate on the FTPA, for example, Politico Playbook explained that the bill was ‘set to die’ and would be killed ‘once and for all’ after the Republicans filibustered it, which they ultimately did after 50 senators who caucus with the Democrats backed the motion to proceed on the bill. Moreover, according to Politico, the FTPA has ​’always been a messaging bill – a check-the-box move allowing party leaders to tell the left they tried.'” (07/15/21)