Old man shakes fists, yells at country in prime time campaign ad

Source: The Guardian [UK]

“Joe Biden warned that American democracy was in grave peril by Republican forces loyal to Donald Trump who ‘fan the flames’ of political violence in pursuit of power at any cost. In a primetime address from Philadelphia, the city where American democracy was born, the US president said the United States was in a continued battle for the ‘soul of the nation.’ It was reprising a theme that animated his campaign for the White House in 2020 to frame the stakes of the November elections as an existential choice between his party’s agenda and Republicans’ ‘extreme Maga ideology.’ … Thursday’s primetime speech was the second of three visits by the president in less than a week to battleground Pennsylvania, which will play host to several consequential races this election season. … [Disgraced former president Donald] Trump is scheduled to hold a rally in Scranton on Saturday.” (09/01/22)