Big Health Care Is Already Too Big

Source: The American Prospect
by Matt Stoller & Matt Seiler

“Some of the most heated policy debates in D.C. these days involve the use of big data to surveil people’s habits. This is usually ascribed to powerful firms like Google and Meta. But across the economy, dominant firms are copying the business methods of Big Tech, and causing similar if not more widespread damage through predatory practices. Indeed, if you want to know the perils of big data and dominant corporate power, just ask your local pharmacist. Recently, the customers of one local pharmacist got solicitation letters from a competitive specialty pharmacy named Genoa. They got these letters the day before UnitedHealthcare, one of the largest health insurers in the country, stopped allowing its customers to get medicine from this independent pharmacist. Here’s the punch line: Genoa is owned by UnitedHealthcare, having been purchased by its Optum subsidiary in 2019.” (09/01/22)