Biden has declared war on Americans like you and me

Source: Fox News
by Greg Gutfeld

“Once again, the Democrats have a wartime president. The problem is he’s declared war, not on drugs or poverty or even pumpkin spice lattes, but on other Americans. You, me, your parents, those freaks on ‘Fox & Friends’…. But I guess there’s bad in everything. [PRESIDENT BIDEN: There’s bad in everything. There’s lousy senators, there’s lousy presidents, there’s lousy doctors, there’s lousy lawyers.] Sounds like his administration. But, you know, maybe he used to be in the old days, a pretty good athlete. [PRESIDENT BIDEN: I used to be in the old days a pretty good athlete and if someone was really big and tough, he’d say, ‘I wouldn’t screw with him if I had a sledgehammer.’] Yeah. Sounds like someone took a sledgehammer to his head. His sentences wander more than he does.” (09/01/22)