UN: Chinese regime’s Uyghur abuses “may constitute crimes against humanity”

Source: Politico

“In a blistering report, the U.N.’s outgoing human rights chief confirmed that China has committed ‘serious human rights violations’ against the Uyghur Muslim community, adding that such acts are potentially crimes against humanity. Michelle Bachelet, who didn’t publish the long-overdue 48-page report until 13 minutes before the end of her tenure on Wednesday night, called on countries to stop repatriating Uyghurs to China, which her office said has conducted large-scale arbitrary detention in the Xinjiang region, resorted to tactics like hunger and forced medical injection, and violated women’s reproductive rights. … China has rejected any assertion of human rights violations in Xinjiang, saying its policy in the region was about deradicalization and anti-terrorism.” (09/01/22)