Belarus: Lukashenko defends hijacking

Source: The Hindu [India]

“A defiant President Alexander Lukashenko on Wednesday defended Belarus’s [hijacking] of a European flight and [abduction] of a dissident on board, lashing out at critics at home and abroad. … ‘I acted lawfully to protect our people,’ Mr. Lukashenko said in an address to Parliament, the Belta state-run news agency reported. The criticism was nothing more than another attempt by his opponents to undermine his rule, he said. ‘Our ill-wishers at home and abroad have changed their methods of attacking the state,’ Mr. Lukashenko said. … European leaders … agreed this week to cut air links with Belarus and told airliners to avoid the country’s airspace. The Belarusian Opposition has called for further and stronger measures, and the UN Security Council was set to meet behind closed doors later on Wednesday.” (05/26/21)