Open the Door to Cuban and Haitian Refugees

Source: The Volokh Conspiracy
by Ilya Somin

“In Cuba, protestors are bravely challenging the island’s brutal communist regime, which has oppressed and impoverished its people for decades. … in Haiti, the assassination of the president and accompanying gang violence have increased the misery of a population already suffering from decades of corrupt and incompetent government. In both cases, growing poverty, violence, and oppression may lead more people to seek freedom in the United States. One might expect an administration led by a President who makes a point of praising immigrants and America’s historic role as a haven for refugees, to welcome such people with open arms. But, sadly, one would be wrong to do so. Instead, the Biden administration has made clear its determination to bar those trying to enter the United States by sea — which is the only way most Cuban and Haitian refugees can get to the US at all (as both are island nations).” (07/15/21)