The media must reinvent itself for the era of Trumpian politics. Here’s how.

Source: Washington Post
by Perry Bacon Jr.

“Forced to choose between strict neutrality or defending democracy over the past four years, many news outlets opted for the latter, casting Donald Trump as a threat to the nation. This approach dismantled whatever was left of the facade that the media is a disinterested observer of U.S. politics — and created a new crisis for the industry. … Moving forward, the nearly half of voters who backed a man that the press cast as racist and authoritarian aren’t going to forget the media’s judgment on their candidate. The media can’t credibly go back to posturing as disinterested or neutral — nor should it if Trump and Trumpism remain threats to democracy. It needs to chart a new path forward for a United States with a Trumpian Republican Party.” [editor’s note: Treating media as “disinterested or neutral” has always been a dangerous mistake – TLK] (07/15/21)