Letter From the Year 2071

Source: In These Times
by Barbara Ransby

“James Baldwin once urged activists and revolutionaries to demand the impossible. We must not only demand the impossible; we must fight to make it real. The following letter is written as if from the future, addressed to ourselves – the ancestors we will one day become. It is grounded in the goals of Black liberation, which we view as a quest for human liberation, and it dares to imagine a world beyond racial monopoly capitalism, heteropatriarchy, war and colonialism. This letter is not intended as a manifesto or a pie in the sky, but as a small glimpse of impossible possibility: ‘Dear Ancestors, We write to you from the east coast of Turtle Island. The landscape and built environment look different now. You would not even recognize it. There are accessibility paths and green areas everywhere. The earth can breathe and everyone can move freely, no matter how they move.'” (07/15/21)