Hating Stupid Interventions Does Not Require Loving Communists

Source: The American Conservative
by Doug Bandow

“Earlier this week I joined a television program to discuss Cuba, and we all criticized Washington’s sanctions policy. There is something deeply immoral about punishing the oppressed for the crimes of their oppressors. Moreover, such penalties rarely do much other than impoverish those on whom they are applied. … As the Cuban embargo nears its 61st anniversary, it has amassed a stunning record of failure. However, my leftish compatriots swooned at the mention of the Castros. They imagine Cuba as a socialist paradise in which all people are equal and enlightened, the masses are fed and enriched, health care is wonderful and free, and all citizens love and esteem their leaders. And in which the system exhibits the wonders of collectivism to the world’s peoples. Or would do so, if it wasn’t for the evil American imperialists …” (07/15/21)