You Don’t Have to Send Your Kid Back to Public School This Fall — Here Are Your Options

Source: Cato Institute
by Kerry McDonald

“The past year has been eye‐​opening for many parents. Beginning in the spring of 2020, they saw over Zoom exactly what their children were — or were not — learning, and they felt empowered to investigate other education possibilities. … Parents recognized, perhaps for the first time, that they have so many options available to them in every other area of their lives and of their parenting; yet, when it comes to educating their kids, they are left with a one‐​size‐​fits‐​all government school assignment. This is no longer tolerable to families who desire much more choice and customization in their children’s learning. Early signs indicate that many parents will again opt out of their local district school this year and pursue other educational options.” (07/15/21)