Creative Destruction: Rethinking Failure after the State

Source: Center for a Stateless Society
by Joseph Parampathu

“When we think about the term ‘abolition,’ we think of removing our old notions or of breaking free from the constraints of tradition. We might conjure up the idea of wiping clean our slate and being left with the freedom to imagine things from the ground up, without being hindered by the structures of the past. When we abolish a building, we erase it from existence and clear the empty rubble to reveal a clean patch of earth free to be developed or undeveloped to fit our current needs, without worry for its past use as the foundation for our now non-existent building. … Even when the state is ineffective, it is effective at laying the boundaries of the conversation. … Abolishing state systems, then, requires at least one step beyond that abolition which we ascribe to the destruction and rebuilding of a city-block or corner.” (07/15/21)