The Language of Totalitarian Dehumanization

Source: Quillette
by Clifton Ross

“A week before the massive protests erupted in Cuba, I was celebrating Fourth of July at a friend’s house in Oakland, California, and listening to her tell me stories about her adventures there. She is a Jewish red diaper baby and today seems to identify as some sort of ‘libertarian socialist.’ I found myself squirming as she enthused about the Left radicals she knows …. I was a guest in my friend’s home, so I held my tongue. But when she referred to opponents of the regime in Havana as gusanos (‘worms’), I felt I had to object. … My friend would no doubt be offended to hear communists or Jews described in those terms but believes it’s a perfectly acceptable way to describe those who, after all, are simply agitating for the rights and freedoms she is fortunate enough to enjoy.” (07/14/21)