CDC: US Had Most Drug Overdose Deaths on Record in 2020

Source: Bloomberg

“U.S. drug overdose deaths soared almost 30% to a record 93,331 in the pandemic year of 2020, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Deaths increased by more than 21,000 from 2019, the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics said in data published Wednesday. That means an average of 256 Americans died from overdosing every day, up from 198 the year before. Since 1999, overdose deaths have increased 450%. The surge in overdoses came during a year that saw hundreds of thousands of Americans killed by Covid-19. … The drug crisis has likely been exacerbated by pandemic-induced [sic] lockdowns and recession, with millions of workers losing their jobs and support services like clinics and counseling shutting down or only available online.” (07/14/21)