Cuba on the Edge: Rejecting Big Brother and the Big Lie

Source: National Review
by Carlos Eire

“Anyone who has lived in a free and open society, accustomed to frequent demonstrations of displeasure with the status quo, in which none of the participants are beaten or thrown into prison, cannot even begin to imagine the courage or desperation it takes to express dissent in a totalitarian dictatorship such as that of Cuba. … You have to live in such a place — where an inordinate percentage of the country’s budget is dedicated to keeping Big Brother’s eye fixed on you — in order to appreciate the magnitude of the fearlessness and despair needed to loosen one’s tongue out on the street alongside one’s neighbors. These protests are among the most dramatic proofs ever offered of the failure of the tropical dictatorship that has been calling itself a ‘Revolution’ for six long decades and has driven 20 percent of its people into exile.” (07/14/21)