Trudeauvian Tyranny

Source: Common Sense
by Paul Jacob

“Discovery in a lawsuit brought against the Canadian Government has revealed that ‘Follow the Science’ was a ruse. When Trudeau’s administration announced, last year, a restrictive travel ban on all who refused to get ‘vaccinated’ against COVID, the breathtaking nature of the political move (which was followed by a snap election) — and its sheer illiberality from a Liberal — may have overshadowed how little science was behind it. Of course, now that the vaccines have proven to be ineffective at stopping the disease, the medical rationale seems especially shaky. But, as Rupa Subramanya writes at Bari Weiss’s ‘Common Sense’ Substack news page, ‘Court Documents Reveal Canada’s Travel Ban Had No Scientific Basis.’ Among the juicy revelations uncovered? ‘No one in the COVID Recovery unit’ — which Ms. Subramanya identifies as ‘the secretive government panel that crafted the mandate’ — possessed any medical credentials or had undergone any significant medical training.” (08/04/22)