What Democrats Should (but Probably Won’t) Learn From the Kansas Abortion Victory

Source: The Intercept
by Natasha Lennard

“The resounding ballot victory to keep abortion protections in the state constitution of deep-red Kansas is a rebuke to the Republican’s far-right agenda. It’s a win worth celebrating. The stakes of preserving legal abortion in Kansas couldn’t be higher. It is a reminder, too, of what those on the front lines of this struggle have long known: Banning abortions is popular only with an extremist yet extremely powerful Christo-fascist minority. Since the GOP has made clear its comfort with — indeed explicit desire for — the entrenchment of far-right minority rule, the Kansas result will not shift the party’s priorities. Republicans will still push their pro-natalist, white supremacist agenda of taking bodily autonomy away from women and pregnant people. There’s no lesson in Kansas for Republicans. It’s the Democratic establishment that should instead take a cue from the Kansas victory.” (08/04/22)