Myanmar: New evidence shows how military planned its brutal purge of Rohingya

Source: Reuters

“In mid-2017, in a remote area of Myanmar, senior Burmese military commanders held secret talks about operations against the minority Rohingya Muslim population. They discussed ways to insert spies into Rohingya villages, resolved to demolish Muslim homes and mosques, and laid plans for what they clinically referred to as ‘area clearance’. The discussions are captured in official records seen by Reuters. At one meeting, commanders repeatedly used a racial slur for the Rohingya suggesting they are foreign interlopers: The ‘Bengalis,’ one said, had become ‘too daring.’ In another meeting, an officer said the Rohingya had grown too numerous. The commanders agreed to carefully coordinate communications so the army could move ‘instantly during the crucial time.’ It was critical, they said, that operations be ‘unnoticeable’ to protect the military’s image in the international community.” (08/04/22)