Don’t Confuse Sesame Place with Jim Crow

Source: Town Hall
by Larry Elder

“‘Daddy, why do white people treat colored people so mean?’ asked Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s 5-year-old son six decades ago. A Baltimore family recently filed a $25 million class action racial discrimination lawsuit against Sesame Place, a Muppets-themed amusement park outside Philadelphia. A video showed a Muppet character named Rosita high-fiving white kids while appearing to blatantly ignore the extended hands of little black kids. Other black families said the same thing happened to their kids, too. The park apologized. But this failed to appease the Rev. Jesse Jackson … There’s a lot we don’t know. Who was in the costumes? Were black kids intentionally mistreated? But let’s assume that these black kids were, in fact, snubbed because of their race. How these kids deal with this slight will be entirely dictated by their parents.” (08/04/22)