How American Politics Turned Deadly

Source: The American Prospect
by Paul Starr

“Three historic changes in the major parties and their social foundations have shaped American politics as we know it today. The first, beginning in the mid-20th century, was the racial and regional realignment that has made the Democratic Party the home of Black Americans and majorities of other people of color, while enabling the Republicans not only to capture most Southern states but to become the majority party of white America. The second was an independent though related cultural shift, in which women, people with nonconforming gender identities, and the more secular, urban, and better-educated moved toward the Democrats, while the more religious, rural, and less-educated, particularly men, moved into the Republican Party. The combined effect of these two general processes was to make the Democrats the party of racial and cultural transformation, while the Republicans became the across-the-board party of backlash even as they remained the party of business.” (08/04/22)