CA: 80-year-old store owner shoots robbery suspect

Source: CNN

“An attempted convenience store robbery by a suspect wielding an assault-style [sic] rifle was foiled when the 80-year-old owner grabbed a gun and opened fire, authorities said. … Surveillance video obtained by CNN shows a man entering the Norco Market & Liquor store and pointing a rifle at the owner behind the counter. The owner then reaches for a firearm and shoots the suspect. … Surveillance footage outside the store shows another armed man get out of a parked SUV and move toward the store just before the injured suspect runs back to the vehicle, apparently screaming ‘he shot my arm off.’ Authorities said one suspect was later found at a Southern California hospital suffering from an apparent shotgun wound. He remains hospitalized in critical, but stable condition, the sheriff’s department said, noting he will be booked into jail after he is released from medical treatment.” (08/04/22)