Coinbase Asks SCOTUS to halt Cases Linked to Dogecoin & Scams

Source: The Crypto Times

“The leading crypto exchange Coinbase has urged the US Supreme Court to halt two of its account holder cases. … The suits are Bielski v. Coinbase, 22A91, and Suski v. Coinbase 22A92. The first one Coinbase vs. Bielski was filed by California resident Abraham Bielski, an account holder who said that Coinbase should compensate him for $31,000 he lost after he allowed remote access to his account to a scammer. The scammer claimed to be a PayPal representative and accessed Bielski’s Coinbase account. Bielski revealed that the crypto exchange provided little help in recovering the lost funds and accused Coinbase of breaching the Electronic Funds Transfer Act and Regulation. In the other case, Suski vs. Coinbase, there were allegations on Coinbase of breaching Californian consumer regulations by holding a $1.2 million Dogecoin sweepstakes event without revealing that participants didn’t have to trade the cryptos.” (08/04/22)