Why Can’t AIPAC Defend Israel?

Source: The Nation
by Yousef Munayyer

“The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is the most influential, if not the most notorious, pro-Israel lobbying organization. So when it decided last year to start a super PAC and get directly involved in unlimited election giving — something it had not done before — the organization was clearly making a statement. This year it has spent tens of millions on TV ads, but what speaks the loudest is the one thing those ads never mention: Israel. … this sudden and dramatic overt intervention by the pro-Israel lobbying group into the Democratic primary election process, along with the clearly strategic decision to erase Israel entirely from its ad buys, is the latest marker of just how seismic a political shift has taken place on this issue in recent years — and how much harder it has become to defend Israeli policy.” (08/04/22)