Democracy Fades in the Arab Spring’s Success Story

Source: Foreign Policy
by Simon Speakman Cordall

“In Tunisia, activists and politicians are coming to terms with the passage of President Kais Saied’s new constitution last month and a new vision of the future—one where their relationship with power has been fundamentally altered. The new constitution grants Saied vastly unchecked powers, creating a parliament that’s responsible to him and allowing him to fast-track his own legislation at the expense of the body’s own. Critically, there is no mechanism to remove the president, with ministers, along with the security services, police, and judiciary, all now answerable to one man. … For now, many in Tunisia are still coming to terms with the consequences of last week’s vote. Looking to Europe and the United States, the historic cheerleaders of their revolution — now seemingly more concerned with fuel prices, stability, and limiting migrant numbers — for anything more than moral censure appears optimistic at best.” (08/04/22)