Congress May Actually Step Up to Block the Next Coup Attempt

Source: The New Republic
by Grace Segers

“When it mattered, then-Vice President Mike Pence opted to not heed the urgings of Trump lawyer John Eastman to attempt to unilaterally overturn the election results himself. But thanks to the vagueness of the Electoral Count Act, the statute which outlines the process for counting Electoral College votes, it’s not inconceivable that a future vice president could try to subvert the election, or that a president unwilling to step down could be aided and abetted by partisan state officials to carry out a similar plot. In an effort to avert that possibility, a bipartisan group of senators worked for months to craft legislation that would streamline and clarify the process. Last week, the fruits of their labor were finally revealed: The Electoral Count Reform Act, or ECRA, spearheaded by GOP Senator Susan Collins and Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, and sponsored by eight Democrats and nine Republicans.” (08/04/22)