PA: Professor singles out “average white guy” in lecture, says skin color benefits him over black students

Source: Fox News

“A Penn State professor singled out an ‘average [w]hite guy’ in a lecture and used him as an example of how his skin color benefits him over any [b]lack student, even if they have comparable backgrounds and resumes. ‘I just take the average [w]hite guy in class, whoever it is, it doesn’t really matter,’ sociology professor Sam Richards says in a video filmed in a packed lecture hall last month. … ‘Look at Russell, right here, it doesn’t matter what he does,’ Richards continues in the video. ‘If I match him up with a [b]lack guy in class, or a [b]rown guy, even … who’s just like him, has the same GPA, looks like him, walks like him, talks like him … and we send them into the same jobs … Russell has a benefit of having [w]hite skin.'” [editor’s note: Trying to figure out how this is “news” – TLK] (07/14/21)