How Crazy-Ass Tom Cruise and “Top Gun” Saved America

Source: TK News
by Matt Taibbi

“Over the weekend I saw the much-hyped Top Gun: Maverick. Two hours of bad-ass plane battles. It wasn’t art. It didn’t mean anything. And it was awesome. I left the theater genuinely sad to be back in 2022 America. In a gutsy call, considering how high-tech the movie’s effects and roller-coaster direction were, the film opened with a scruffy-looking Tom Cruise — his ‘real life’ costume — looking like he’d eaten a canister of happy pills as he delivered a 50s-style apostrophic intro to the long-awaited sequel. Sounding like a proud Dad, he told audiences to buckle up for ‘real Gs’ and the ‘most immersive and authentic film experience’ they could muster. Cut to: the most unapologetically corny script ever, but one that works all the way. It’s every film cliche in history!” (08/03/22)