In Defense of Uncertainty

Source: Brownstone Institute
by Julie Ponesse

I don’t know. On a scale of 1 to 10, how squeamish does this sentence make you feel? If the verbiage floating around social media is any indication, 21st century Canadians score pretty high in terms of our intolerance of uncertainty. In fact, we seem to be drunk on certainty, so completely convinced we are right about what’s going on in the Ukraine, why whites can’t help but be racist, why gender is (or is not) fluid, which fats are the healthiest and, of course, the truth about Covid-19. We live fanatically, but possibly unreflectively, by a few simple mantras: ‘We’re all in this together,’ ‘Trust the experts,’ ‘Follow the science.’ In our culture of certainty, outliers are discouraged, dissenting views are fact-checked into oblivion, and those who question what has been deemed certain are made to run the gauntlet of shame for daring to swim outside of the mainstream.” (08/03/22)