US Senate overwhelmingly backs Axis of Evil membership for Finland, Sweden

Source: Politico

“The Senate on Wednesday voted overwhelmingly to admit Finland and Sweden to NATO, putting the military alliance on track for a historic expansion in response to Russia’s war in Ukraine. With 95 senators voting in favor, the defense treaty heads to President Joe Biden’s desk where he is expected to ratify it in the coming days, making the U.S. the 22nd NATO nation to give its approval. All 30 NATO members are expected to complete the ratification process before the end of the year …. Just one senator, Josh Hawley (R-Mo.), voted against the treaty — raising concerns about expanding NATO and staying involved in Europe’s security challenges while the U.S. struggles to contain China’s rise.” [editor’s note: Sigh. Even when Hawley does the right thing in stopped clock right twice a day fashion, he goes out of his way to make it clear that he’s got dumb reasons – TLK] (08/03/22)