Kansans to Alito: F*ck You.

Source: The American Prospect
by Harold Meyerson

“There have been several times in American history when a large number of people have had basic rights stripped from them, and the results are instructive. The most notorious and catastrophic such event was the end of Reconstruction, when Blacks who’d enjoyed and exercised the right to vote for some of the time since the end of the Civil War saw that right violently stripped away by white vigilantes and the withdrawal of federal troops. … the fight to restore civil rights took nearly 90 years. For those who would deny Americans a previously enjoyed basic right, the story of Reconstruction’s end, it became clear last night, contains a fundamental lesson: If you’re denying a group of Americans some fundamental right — say, the right of a woman to decide whether she’ll bear a child once impregnated — it’s advised to also deny that group of Americans the right to vote.” (08/03/22)