Critical Race Weary

Source: American Consequences
by Buck Sexton

“Much of the recent attention on Critical Race Theory (CRT) has been a result of the increase in Zoom teaching during the COVID-19 school shutdowns. Parents became aware of the kind of identity-politics indoctrination forced on their kids. Students who hadn’t even reached high-school age were being told that they were part of systematic oppression based on their skin color. It has been known for a long time that academia is riddled with CRT nonsense …. But corporate America has also been infiltrated with similar politically correct brainwashing.” [editor’s note: I am aware how “conservative” pundits have been conflating CRT with honest efforts to educate children on tolerance and inclusion; I am also aware of how those efforts are being bastardized by other agendas. There are no good guys in this debate – SAT] (07/14/21)