Scofflaws Lead the Way To Legalizing Psychedelic Drugs

Source: Reason
by JD Tuccille

“A good predictor that restrictive laws are on their way out is when large numbers of people honor them in the breach. Prohibition famously foundered on Americans’ desire to keep the party going. Marijuana legalization gained acceptance as a large and growing segment of the U.S. population enjoyed its use despite government-imposed restrictions. If this pattern holds, we should soon expect psychedelic drugs to overcome legal barriers. That won’t just be a victory for people’s freedom to make their own choices, but also for innovators who see therapeutic promise in LSD, magic mushrooms, and MDMA. In poll results published last week by YouGov America, 28 percent of respondents reported having used at least one of seven specified psychedelic drugs.” (08/03/22)