The Conflict in Ukraine and American Exceptionalism

Source: CounterPunch
by Ron Jacobs

“I suppose I should be surprised by the ease with which the White House, the Pentagon, NATO and the ever more useless US Congress convinced much of the US public that the war between Russia and Ukraine is a war to preserve freedom and democracy. However, I’m not. Nor am I surprised that many people who have called themselves antiwar and even anti-imperialist in the past reject the possibility that the conflict is mostly just another battle in the war for full spectrum dominance that Washington has been fighting since the end of World War Two. Likewise, the ease with which this latter group of folks champion the corrupt neoliberal government of Zelenskyy as if it weren’t as venal as the man who represents it fails to evoke much alarm in my mind. … It cannot be repeated often enough. There is no nation that holds a moral high ground.” (08/03/22)