Dave Chappelle vs. the New Puritans

Source: Quillette
by Allan Stratton

“On July 20th, First Avenue, a venue that describes itself as ‘the epicentre of music and entertainment in Minneapolis,’ broke its booking contract with Dave Chappelle, one of America’s most popular stand-up comics. … Trans-rights activists have had Chappelle in their cross-hairs for several years now — most recently alleging that he made transphobic jokes in his massively popular Netflix special, The Closer (which, to add insult to injury, has earned Chappelle yet another Emmy nomination). … For years now, many comedians have been turning down college shows, whose organizers increasingly require performers to explicitly disavow material that might be denounced as offensive. First Avenue’s treatment of Chappelle now raises similar concerns about major music venues. What first-tier act will book a space that cancels shows at the last minute, for nakedly ideological reasons, and then throws in public character assassination (dressed up as apology) for good measure?” (08/03/22)