The Gray Man, Harvard Elites and State-Sponsored Murder

Source: Independent Institute
by Samuel R Staley

“Netflix just dropped its high octane action movie The Gray Man on its streaming service. The streaming service reportedly dumped $200 million into the film’s production budget. While the money shows in its production values and top-flight acting, the storyline and plot don’t quite measure up. This is surprising since the movie is directed, written, and produced by the Russo brothers (and others). The Russos are the dynamic duo of filmmaking: Their commercially released films have grossed nearly $6.7 billion worldwide on combined production budgets of $1.2 billion. Netflix is betting big on The Gray Man. In addition to being a well-produced, high-budget action film, The Gray Man’s central plot revolves around a conspiracy hatched by intellectual elites who met at Harvard University. Harvard University probably isn’t happy. Neither are any of the other Ivy League schools or elite institutions.” (08/02/22)