New York Times Goes to War Against Parents

Source: Brownstone Institute
by Michael Senger

“Amid the New York Times’[s] ongoing bewilderment at anyone opposed to the wholesale reorganization of western civilization around prevention of a single respiratory virus, Sheera Frenkel has penned what may be the publication’s most embarrassing article to date: A full-on hit piece against parents whose politics changed during Covid out of antipathy to school closures and mandates. Frenkel expresses her puzzlement at the basic instincts shown by these parents to defend and protect their children, even at the expense of other political preferences …. in their baffling zeal to prevent the state from using an indefinite state of emergency to terrify, harm, and indoctrinate their children, these parents have become radicalized, creating a fanatical and unpredictable new political movement that threatens the Democratic Party’s sacred cows and, even worse, the job security of its cadres …” (08/02/22)