Cuomo’s scandals and the memorial he really ought to consider

Source: Fox News Forum
by Janice Dean

“Gov. Andrew Cuomo is in the midst of several scandals here in New York and the fact that he continues to lead the Empire state is dumbfounding. Here’s a quick recap: * Sexual harassment allegations from nine women and his administration’s apparent attempt to discredit at least one of the accusers. * The nursing home tragedy involving his reckless policy to order over 9,000 coronavirus infected patients into nursing homes and then cover up the death toll while he was trying to shop a $5.1 million dollar book about himself. * Using government resources to write a book on leadership while also giving out free friends and family COVID tests in the early days of the pandemic while nursing homes weren’t allowed to use them to test incoming residents. * An investigation into faulty work on a multi-billion dollar bridge that has the Cuomo name on it …” (07/14/21)