The Conservative Case for Sanctuary Cities and States

Source: The Volokh Conspiracy
by Ilya Somin

“Subduing and punishing liberal ‘sanctuary cities’ and states that refused to help enforce federal immigration restrictions was a principal focus of the Trump Administration, one backed by most conservatives. Ironically, that effort largely failed in part because sanctuary jurisdictions won a series of lawsuits in which they relied on constitutional federalism arguments previously pioneered by conservatives and libertarians, such as claims that the Tenth Amendment bans federal ‘commandeering’ of state governments. … Of course, what counts as ‘conservative’ is very much in flux. Much of the American political right today has more in common with European ‘big-government conservative’ethnonationalist movements than with the ideology espoused by Ronald Reagan. … But if you view federal power with suspicion, and hope to maintain and strengthen constitutional constraints on it, then you have reason to applaud sanctuary jurisdictions.” (08/02/22)