Senegal: Ruling coalition, opposition alliance both claim victory in legislative polls

Source: Radio France Internationale [French state media]

“Senegal’s opposition and President Macky Sall’s ruling coalition have both claimed to have won legislative elections held at the weekend, while the vote count continues. Speaking at a press conference on Monday, Khalifa Sall, one of the opposition leaders said: ‘What is undeniable is that it is we who won this election. We won and we will not accept that our victory is stolen from us,’ he added. Former prime minister Aminata Toure, who led the presidential coalition’s list in the elections, rejected ‘any possibility of cohabitation and … reassure[d] our activists that we remain in the majority at the end of this election, despite an advance by the opposition.’ … The main opposition alliance, however, expressed ‘astonishment’ at Toure’s remarks, claiming it had won a ‘comfortable majority’ and that the presidential camp was ‘looking to once again confiscate the vote.'” (08/02/22)