Democrats Have Historic Opportunity To Advance FDR’s Vision

Source: Common Dreams
by Nancy J Altman

“When President Biden spoke at the Democratic convention nearly a year ago, he pledged to follow in the footsteps of one of our nation’s greatest presidents, Franklin D. Roosevelt. ‘Nearly a century ago, Franklin Roosevelt pledged a New Deal in a time of massive unemployment, uncertainty, and fear,’ said Biden. ‘Stricken by disease, stricken by a virus, FDR insisted that he would recover and prevail and he believed America could as well. And he did. And so can we.’ Like FDR, Biden and his Democratic allies in Congress understand the importance of we, the people, to the strength and success of our country. That’s why they are working to pass a $3.5 trillion human infrastructure package. If they act as boldly as FDR did, that package could be the most consequential legislation in a generation.” [editor’s note: Sometimes I post these just for amusement – SAT] (07/14/21)