Vandalized, Scandalized

Source: Common Sense
by Paul Jacob

“Store owners have another reason to get the heck out of that derelict-enabling and increasingly unlivable town, San Francisco. The city fines businesses for the crime of being vandalized by graffiti artists. This form of harassing property owners is nothing new, but the city had temporarily reduced enforcement during the pandemic. The policy is unjust in at least two ways. First, there should be no fines for being hit by graffiti-vandals. It’s the vandals who should be punished, not the victims. … Second, even granting the legitimacy of requiring property owners to clean up the graffiti, the policy as imposed is abusive. Businesses are being fined repeatedly for graffiti that they don’t magically remove at lightning speed and that the vandals, undiscouraged, simply slap back on anyway.” (08/02/22)