The Triumph and Glory of Air Conditioning

Source: Brownstone Institute
by John Tamny

“Why is it that the window units that once signaled immense wealth are most often today a signal of poverty? Really, where do you generally see window units? Most often not in rich areas. It’s in the poor ones that they can mostly be found …. what was once out of reach can now be found on Amazon at prices that dip below $100. Imagine that! What a story. The story about the mass production of air conditioners is that what were once status symbols are now common. Crucial here is that people got very rich making air conditioners common. It’s how the world works. Or at least how to grow rich in the world. The best way to become very well-to-do very quickly is to produce in abundance, and at low prices, what used to be scarce and nosebleed expensive.” (08/02/22)