“Stop,” or I’ll Yell “Stop” Again

Source: Show-Me Institute
by David Stokes

“When elected officials intentionally ignore the law, we often react with a mixture of anger and helplessness. Abetted by their government lawyers, whose jobs exist at the pleasure of their only client, elected officials invent arguments to justify going around the plain meaning of ordinary words. … the statutory definition of the earnings tax for the City of St. Louis states that it can be collected ‘… for work done or services performed or rendered in the city.’ [emphasis added throughout] Yet city Collector of Revenue Gregory F. X. Daly has interpreted those words during the pandemic to include people working remotely from their homes outside of the city for businesses within the city. Such a determination is preposterous. You don’t like it? You have the audacity to think people should enforce the laws as written? Tough luck. Sue him. War is Peace.” (08/02/22)